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Working with Django Models

by Reindert-Jan Ekker

Django’s ORM is one of the most powerful and easy to use ORMs available. This course will teach you how to leverage the full power of Django Models to build better data models for your web applications.

What you'll learn

At the center of any great web application is a strong data model. Django Models and the framework’s built in ORM is a key tool in the Django developer’s tool belt that makes it easy to build and maintain complex data structures to support your website. In this course, Django ORM Framework, you’ll learn about the features of the Django ORM and how to use it effectively. First, you’ll explore ORMs in general, how they work, and how we use them to abstract complex database queries from the rest of the website’s development. Next, you’ll discover how to write queries, build abstract models, easily encapsulate common data operations, and adapt to changes in your data structure using migrations. Finally, you’ll learn how to optimize, troubleshoot, and maintain your data model. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the knowledge of the Django ORM Framework and skills needed to build and maintain a powerful relational foundation for your next web application.

About the author

After years of working in software development, Reindert-Jan Ekker switched to teaching programmers in 2010 and never looked back. He authors Pluralsight courses and teaches classes about Python, data science, devops (among others). Even though he squeezes some development jobs in here and there, teaching is his real passion and he is looking forward to share this passion with you.

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