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.NET BCL Fundamentals

by Xavier Morera

Do not reinvent the wheel. The .NET base class libraries (BCL) provides a great deal of built-in tried-and-true functionality. This course will teach you how to build applications using the existing System.* and Microsoft.* .NET libraries.

What you'll learn

Developing any type of application usually requires a common set of functionality, for example reading and writing files, parsing XML/JSON, calling a web API, or other similar methods. In this course, .NET BCL Fundamentals, you’ll learn to use the built-in .NET libraries, also known as base class libraries (BCL). First, you’ll explore the common type system. Next, you’ll discover how to work with input and output including how to parse files from various data interchange formats. Then, you’ll learn how to work with and query data. Next, you’ll explore the security related namespaces. You will then move forward into network programming. Additionally, you’ll learn about how to globalize and localize applications. Then, you will explore how to debug an application as well as how to create multithreaded applications. Finally, you’ll explore some lesser known System and Microsoft namespaces that may come in handy from time to time. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of how to avoid reinventing the wheel by using the built-in .NET base class libraries needed to create an amazing .NET application.

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Final Takeaway

About the author

Xavier is very passionate about teaching, helping others understand AI, Generative AI, search and Big Data. He is also an entrepreneur, project manager, technical author, trainer, and holds a few certifications with Cloudera, Microsoft, and the Scrum Alliance, along with having been awarted Microsoft MVP. He has spent a great deal of his career working on cutting-edge projects. Throughout multiple projects, he has acquired skills to deal with complex enterprise software solutions, working with c... more

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