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.NET 6 First Look

by Gill Cleeren

.NET 6.0 comes packed with changes. Alongside, Visual Studio 2022 will be released in parallel. This course will teach you what you can expect in this latest iteration of the platform and its IDE.

What you'll learn

.NET 6.0 contains many new features. Developers need to be ready for the new version. In this course, .NET 6 First Look, you’ll learn what’s new with this release, what is changing, and what influence .NET 6.0 will have on your existing projects. First, you’ll explore the unification of the different .NET platforms which is happening with this release. Next, you’ll discover the new version of Visual Studio and C#. Finally, you’ll learn about the different technologies and their statuses, including ASP.NET Core, Blazor, and Maui. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a good understanding of what’s coming with the .NET 6.0 release, due for November 2021.

Table of contents

About the author

Gill Cleeren is a Microsoft Regional Director, MVP and Pluralsight author. Gill is the CTO of Xebia Microsoft Services Belgium and focuses on web and mobile architecture. He's also a frequent speaker at many international conferences. Gill also founded Techorama, the biggest IT conference in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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