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Taming Asynchronous .NET Code with Rx 3

by Edin Kapic

Reactive Extensions (Rx) is a .NET reactive programming library. In this course, you will learn how it can help you tame your asynchronous and event-driven code to be more maintainable.

What you'll learn

Dealing with asynchronous code in .NET has always been problematic, as it is very different from synchronous, linear code. In this course, Taming Asynchronous .NET Code with Rx, you will learn how to model applications as streams of data with Rx. First, you will learn how to create sequences of observable data. Next, you'll learn how to consume these sequences in different ways. Finally, you'll learn how to easily synchronize multiple threads and data streams. When you finish this course, you will have working knowledge of reactive programming with .NET that will help you write asynchronous and event-driven code that is simpler and easier to maintain.

About the author

Edin Kapic is a SharePoint MVP, Architect, Tinker and Geek in Spenta consulting, and the MCT Regional Lead for Spain.

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