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Introduction to the .NET Compiler Platform

by Bart De Smet

This course provides an overview of the design and use cases of the .NET Compiler Platform, codenamed "Roslyn".

What you'll learn

In this course, we'll explore the .NET Compiler Platform, codenamed "Roslyn". The course will focus on the rationale for building the .NET Compiler Platform, its overall architecture, and the various APIs exposed to analyze and manipulate C# and Visual Basic programs. During this course, we'll build a couple of simple Visual Studio extensions that integrate with the language services to provide custom diagnostics and code fixes.

Table of contents

About the author

Bart J.F. De Smet is a software engineer working at Microsoft's mothership in Redmond, Washington. Hired fresh out of college in 2007, Bart started his Microsoft career on the Windows Presentation Foundation team, focusing on the application model, browser hosting, and native code interop. Later, he moved to the Cloud Programmability Team to work on data processing capabilities built using Language Integrated Query paradigms, which led to his involvement in the development of Reactive Extensi... more

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