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.NET Debugging Power Tools

by Mario Hewardt

In this course we take a look at some powerful debugging tools as well as the new enhancements in the .NET garbage collector (4.5).

What you'll learn

Join me as we take a whirl wind tour of some new and exciting debugging tools such as Visual Studio 2013 diagnostics, CLRMD, DebugDiag 2.0 as well as an in-depth discussion of the .NET 4.5 garbage collector enchangements.

About the author

Mario Hewardt is the author of Advanced Windows Debugging and Advanced .NET Debugging. With over 13 years at Microsoft, he has worked with the development of Windows starting from Windows 98 up to Windows Vista. With the advent of cloud computing, Mario has worked in the SaaS arena and delivered the Asset Inventory Service as well as leading a team of developers building the core platform for the next generation Microsoft online management service – Windows Intune. Most recently, Mario works as... more

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