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Aug 14, 2017
1h 38m

When building and designing applications with the .NET ecosystem, you need to know which frameworks and application types to use in your situation. In this course, The .NET Ecosystem: The Big Picture, you'll learn how the .NET ecosystem is organized, and which runtimes and application types are available. First, you'll explore what the .NET framework, .NET core, and Xamarin are and how they are different. Next, you'll discover how to share code with the .Net standard. Finally, you'll learn what exactly to use in practice and when you should use it. By the end of this course, you'll have a foundational knowledge of the runtimes, languages, and application types in the .NET ecosystem.

About the author
About the author

Barry is a software architect and developer with a passion for the cloud. He has worked for lots of companies throughout the last decade and is keen to share his knowledge with the community. He co-founded a usergroup focused on technology and soft-skills and currently teaches people about the benefits of the cloud.

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