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Easy, Scalable Backends for Android Developers

by droidcon SF

Droidcon SF 2019 | Easy, Scalable Backends for Android Developers | Doug Stevenson

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In the past, engineering teams typically split front end and back end responsibilities. As an Android developer, you almost certainly slotted into the front end category with no responsibility on the back end. And, if you do want to work on the back end for an app, it can be taxing to learn new tools and languages, while being responsible for managing and scaling a server farm. Today, with serverless back ends becoming popular, server management and scaling is being fully automated, and you can use many of the same tools and languages you use for Android development. Do you want to write Kotlin everywhere? There is a solution for you! Join this talk with Doug Stevenson to survey some serverless options provided by Google, see some demos, and figure out which options are right for you.

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Easy, Scalable Backends for Android Developers

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