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The Journey from Legacy Code to Idiomatic Kotlin

by droidcon SF

Droidcon SF 2019 | The Journey from Legacy Code to Idiomatic Kotlin | Seetha Annamraju

What you'll learn

We are often faced with large legacy codebases in Java that need to be converted to Kotlin. Sure, you can let Android Studio do the conversion, but then you end up with inefficient Kotlin code. So, where do you begin? This talk walks you through key steps in converting your Java codebase to efficient, idiomatic Kotlin. After working with multiple clients on legacy projects, Seetha Annamraju has learned lessons on doing this conversion efficiently while ensuring that you are taking full advantage of Kotlin. We will walk through the process and provide tips on major components that generally require attention.

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The Journey from Legacy Code to Idiomatic Kotlin

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