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Next Generation Android UI with Jetpack Compose

by droidcon SF

Droidcon SF 2019 | Next Generation Android UI with Jetpack Compose | Pedro Veloso

What you'll learn

Android Widgets have existed since the very first version of Android. Mobile UI paradigms and application needs have changed dramatically since Android 1.0. There have been great solutions that leverage the existing UI widgets and improve them, such as Jetpack (Support Libraries) for backwards compatible support and Data Binding for bringing state and UI closer together. Though they served developers well, the new Kotlin-first approach by Google allows you to imagine what a modern UI framework would look like. Idiomatic, Kotlin-first, with retro-compatibility from the get go and support for live-previews, Jetpack Compose is Google's new experimental way of tackling Android's UI, built from the ground up without any dependence on pre-existing Android Widgets. In this talk, Pedro Veloso will offer a hands-on approach on building a material looking application with Jetpack Compose by using its existing components.

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Next Generation Android UI with Jetpack Compose

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