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Drupal 10 Site Administration

by James Millar

Drupal is a highly flexible content management system and it’s important to ensure it's configured correctly. This course will teach you how to configure Drupal 10, how to change its look and feel, and how to create content.

What you'll learn

Drupal 10 is a highly flexible and configurable content management system used by companies large and small. To get the most out of Drupal, it’s important to be able to configure it correctly. In this course, Drupal 10 Site Administration, you’ll learn to configure and customize a site running Drupal 10. First, you’ll explore essential configuration tasks such as user management. Next, you’ll discover how to customize the look and feel of your site. Finally, you’ll learn how to create content using basic pages. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Drupal 10 site administration needed to configure and manage a Drupal 10 site of your own.

About the author

James Millar is a freelance software development consultant based in Malmesbury, England who has worked for some of the world’s biggest brands. He started his career over a decade ago writing training materials for Microsoft and moved into industry to further develop his skills. Having worked for multiple industries including automotive and process automation has been fortunate enough to work on some major projects operating at global scale. He has a passion for back end services and infrastruct... more

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