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Durandal.js: Get Started

by Michael Dudley

Durandal provides what you need to build clean, well architected, and maintainable client side web applications.

What you'll learn

Durandal is an MV* single page web application framework built on top of jQuery, knockout.js, and RequireJS. Its conventions encourage well architected modular JavaScript. It allows you to separate responsibilities in your code and compose your application with a powerful composition life cycle. In this course, we will build a flash card application that teaches you the core features of Durandal.

About the author

Michael Dudley is a senior consultant for Improving Enterprises in Dallas, TX. He is also a husband, father, musician, carpenter and foodie. He graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in music, but providence had different plans for his career. His journey started with automating TPS reports in VB6, then on to Java, and finally to C# and the .NET stack. He feels blessed to be surrounded by passionate programmers who are continually improving.

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