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Dec 21, 2014
2h 9m

In this series of CINEMA 4D and TurbulenceFD tutorials, we'll learn how to create an interesting and dynamic logo. We'll build the logo using frozen and reversed fire as well as liquid simulations. During this tutorial we'll use CINEMA 4D, TurbulenceFD,and RealFlow to integrate liquid simulation, fire, and smoke into our scene. In addition, we'll learn to control the timing and playback of those simulations. We'll set up our 3D scene to render in multi-passes and finally, to composite the end animation within After Effects. By then end of this CINEMA 4D and TurbulenceFD training, you'll be able to create imaginative logos using professional industry simulation tools. Software required: CINEMA 4D R14, RealFlow 2014, TurbulenceFD, After Effects 5.5.

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About the author

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