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Code Blocks, DesignScript, and Custom Functions in Dynamo

by Sol Amour

Designscript is a clear and concise scripting language designed for the AEC industry. This course will teach you all you need to know to begin working with Designscript inside of Dynamo.

What you'll learn

Through an in-depth look at DesignScript, you will be able to understand how this underlying framework drives the geometry and core engines of Dynamo and how designers can use this design focused scripting language to explore and utilize parametric processes. In this course, Code Blocks, DesignScript and Custom Functions in Dynamo, you'll learn about Code Blocks and how to access data types within them. Next, you'll explore the building-blocks of DesignScript: what it is, how it relates to Nodes, what the core components of DesignScript are, how to call and nest functions, and how to leverage the power of replication guides and more. You'll finish with an in-depth look at how to create and call Custom Functions, running through the difference between Associative and Imperative graph executions, if and else statements and for and while loops, inclusive of nested loops, in order to tap into the true power of DesignScript. By the end of this course, you'll have a much greater understanding of the DesignScript framework. Software required: Dynamo.

About the author

Sol Amour is a Project BIM Manager at in London, United Kingdom. He has a broad background in Architecture, Construction, Industrial Design, and Landscaping. In London, he provides Dynamo and Revit training, bespoke content, on-site project work, and custom workflows all while striving to push the boundaries of the AEC industry. Sol is a Moderator on the forums, a frequent contributor at the Dynamo sub-page, and manages the Dynamo package 'Atmos.'

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