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Visual Programming Introduction with Dynamo and Revit

by Kevin Griendling

Have you ever wondered how advanced designers model very complex forms in Revit? This course will teach you how to use Dynamo, a visual programming plugin for Revit that unleashes users into its API to harness generative design methodologies.

What you'll learn

Modeling complex architectural forms in Revit requires the use of Dynamo, its powerful visual programming plugin. This course, Visual Programming Introduction with Dynamo and Revit, will introduce you to Dynamo--its underlying structure, functions, performance, and how to use it in the architectural workplace. First, users will explore means and methods of finding, inserting, and organizing nodes in the sketch. Then, you will get an explanation of the types of data Dynamo will compute and how to modify its organization/grouping with the goal of understanding how to apply these organizational principles to a Geometrical Pattern. Finally, you will also create a structural skeleton, discuss the importance of vectors and normals, and learn to assign Revit geometry to skeleton for incorporation into a live model environment. By the end of this course, you'll be able to use Dynamo to bring even your most sophisticated forms to life in Revit.

About the author

Kevin is a Project Manager in a small architecture firm designing education and senior living facilities, and doubles as an Adjunct Professor of Architecture at MT. San Antonio College. He has been exploring the field of architecture for ten years, with three years of project management and teaching experience in his current positions.The passion he has for teaching permeates most aspects of his life, which brings him to Pluralsight. While teaching Rhino and Grasshopper in classes, Kevin's key c... more

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