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Dynatrace Fundamentals

by Gladson "Jean" Tunis

Dynatrace offers a wide range of options to help you monitor and observe your applications, regardless of their environment. This course will guide you through utilizing Dynatrace to gain visibility and insight into your IT environment.

What you'll learn

Dynatrace is a solution that enables IT professionals to monitor and observe applications deployed in their infrastructure. In this course, Dynatrace Fundamentals, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Dynatrace's platform and how to use it. First, you'll explore the Dynatrace Software Intelligence platform and the various solutions that make it up. Next, you'll learn how to install, configure, and customize Dynatrace in your environment. Finally, you'll discover how to use Dynatrace to analyze and troubleshoot problems in your infrastructure. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively monitor and observe your IT environment using Dynatrace.

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About the author

Gladson "Jean" Tunis is a performance engineer and principal consultant with RootPerformance. For over two decades, he has been helping IT teams minimize cost and lost productivity due to performance problems. The last 5+ of those years have been as an independent consultant. Gladson works with companies in various industries - from financial services to healthcare - to improve end user experience through better measurement and monitoring. When not consulting and training on performance-related ... more

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