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The Elements of Distributed Architecture

by Clemens Vasters

This course is an foundational introduction to the key elements of distributed software architecture with the goal of providing a common baseline of concepts and terminologies for teams working on distributed systems.

What you'll learn

The Elements of Distributed Architecture is about the foundational elements of distributed architecture and about the ‘physics’ that affect distributed software designs. The goal of this course, which is designed to be independent of specific languages, technologies, and products, is to provide software teams with a shared baseline of concepts and terminologies in the areas of information management, communication, presentation, processing, failure management, security, and safety.

Table of contents

About the author

Clemens Vasters is a Software Architect and currently works for Microsoft where he helps shaping the technical strategy for the Windows Azure Service Bus. Before joining Microsoft, Clemens has worked on financial software solutions and in consulting, has spoken at hundreds of events in over 40 countries, and has contributed to a number of open source efforts including starting the dasBlog blog engine. Clemens has a long history educating developers, having taught some of the first available .NET... more

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