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EF Core: The Big Picture

by Julie Lerman

EF Core is .NET Core’s official data persistence framework. This course will teach you core concepts for evaluating whether EF Core is the right choice for your data access needs and will prepare you to start your journey to EF Core mastery.

What you'll learn

EF Core is Microsoft’s official data access platform which has become more and more sophisticated and intelligent over its lifetime. In this course, EF Core: Big Picture, you’ll gain the ability to understand the role of EF Core in developing .NET 6 applications and decide if it is the right data access solution for your needs. First, you’ll explore the benefits that EF Core can bring to your development lifecycle. Next, you’ll discover how EF Core works by default, mapping your business classes to your data store, and how easily you can track changes and persist data back to that data store. Finally, you’ll learn about the many ways that EF Core can be customized to suit the specific needs and patterns of your software team. When you’re finished with this course, you will know if EF Core is the data access framework for your .NET projects, understand critical context required to work with developers, or continue your own journey to EF Core mastery.

About the author

Julie Lerman is a software coach with over 30 years of experience building software. As a coach, Julie provides support for DDD and architecture implementation, facilitates Event Storming workshops and domain discovery. She also provides deep dives into Entity Framework for her clients in the .NET world. Julie is a long-time Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director and Docker Captain who lives in the hills of Vermont and continues to be known as the world’s top expert in E... more

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