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Designing Effective Storyboards in Illustrator and InDesign

by Michael Grills

In this Illustrator and InDesign tutorial, you'll learn to plan, create, and present your storyboards to your director in a way that is both efficient and great to look at. You'll work both in Illustrator and InDesign. Software required: Illustrator CC 2014, InDesign CC 2014.

What you'll learn

By the end of this Illustrator and InDesign training, you'll be able to quickly thumbnail your boards, clean up the art with a custom brush, and finally layout your boards in InDesign and get them ready for presentation. Software required: Illustrator CC 2014, InDesign CC 2014.

About the author

Michael Grills Illustration is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The business was established in 2005 and since then Michael has been collaborating with design agencies, editorial, publishers, video directors, and game makers from all over the world, as well as doing art for illustration fans. Michael graduated from the Alberta College of Art and Design and went directly to Bioware Corp. in Edmonton, getting hands-on experience making AAA, story-driven RPGs. When he started his family, he dec... more

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