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Getting Started With Elasticsearch for .NET Developers

by JP Toto

This course will introduce users to Elasticsearch, how it works, and how to use it with .NET projects.

What you'll learn

Elasticsearch is a free, open source, distributed, real-time analytics and search engine. It's built to be used in environments where speed and availability are considered high priorities. This course will introduce users to Elasticsearch, do a walkthrough of a basic installation, and teach the user how to index data and query it efficiently. The course will then go on to teach more advanced querying techniques, filters, and analytics. Finally, the course will show users how to integrate Elasticsearch with their .NET projects using a basic console application example.

About the author

JP is a recovering enterprise consultant now living in the SaaS software products world. He has been writing C# for about ten years and has more recently picked up Ruby, Python, and some occasional GoLang, although recently Devops is where his heart has been. He makes his home in Philadelphia, PA where he works in financial technology at a great company called eMoney Advisor. He smokes his own bacon and is a sucker for delicious cured meats.

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