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Electronics Fundamentals

by Gordon Maretzki

An introductory course on electronics covering basic theory, DC and AC electrical circuits, electronic components, circuit design, and circuit construction methods.

What you'll learn

If you have a knack for problem solving and a fascination with all things electronic, this course is for you. The world of electronics is a vast and multifaceted field. This course will give you an introduction to basic electricity, AC and DC circuits, and basic electrical equations and theory. The author will also cover discrete electrical components, as well as both linear and logic integrated circuits. Circuit prototyping is covered along with an introduction to printed circuit board building methods and PCB Software. If you are new to electronics, this course is a good primer and an will give you an appetite for further learning.

About the author

Gord cut his electronic teeth when RPN calculators were the current rage. He is a Professional Engineer and is President of GHM Engineering Group, a design and research firm specializing in creating unique electronic solutions for some pretty strange and unique applications. Catering to Government and Private Industry research arms, Gord’s company has designed and built electronic devices and equipment used in Pharmaceutical research, Animal Sciences, Meteorology, Mining, and Heating Ventilating... more

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