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Elixir: The Big Picture

by AJ Foster

This course introduces Elixir, a language that enables concurrent and fault-tolerant applications with friendly developer aesthetics. You’ll learn how its powerful heritage creates more than just another new language.

What you'll learn

Real-time experiences increasingly define our interaction with technology. In this course, Elixir: The Big Picture, you’ll learn how Elixir makes these experiences easy to create. First, you’ll learn about its relationship to Erlang, a battle-tested language that powers telecommunications. Then you’ll see how Elixir’s concurrency model allows us to accomplish a lot while minimizing the impact of errors. Finally, you’ll see what makes Elixir approachable as a functional language that focuses on productivity. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to understand applications that use Elixir, evaluate it for your next project, and begin writing it yourself.

About the author

AJ is a software developer who is passionate about technical education. He loves creating with code and volunteering with youth robotics programs.

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