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Emerging Gen AI Use Cases for Developers

by David Clinton

When used intelligently and responsibly, generative AI can improve nearly every part of your operations. This course will teach you how to turbo charge your code, research methodologies, and content creation.

What you'll learn

There's no denying that fully integrating generative AI tools into your operations will come with a learning curve, but this isn't something that you can simply ignore. In this course, Emerging Gen AI Use Cases for Developers, you’ll learn how to make your AI interactions truly effective.

First, you’ll explore connecting with the OpenAI API to automate content generation. Next, you’ll discover how GPT can help you build great code for your scripts. Finally, you’ll learn how to enhance your AI prompts by using Retrieval Augmented Generation methodologies.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of gen AI needed to be exponentially more effective at whatever you do.

About the author

David Clinton is an AWS Solutions Architect and a Linux server administrator. He's written books on cloud and Linux administration, IT security, and data analytics.

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