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Getting Started with Emmet

by Kristian Freeman

Emmet, a toolkit for web developers, integrates with your text editor to rapidly increase your speed in laying out HTML and CSS. This course is an introduction to Emmet and how developers can use it, including making custom shortcuts and macros.

What you'll learn

Writing HTML and CSS can really slow down the process of developing web applications. But there is a tool that can speed things up! This course, Getting Started with Emmet, introduces developers to the open-source toolkit Emmet (, a toolkit for web developers. Emmet integrates with your text editor to increase your speed when writing out HTML and CSS. This course will first teach you how to get started with Emmet and use it in Sublime Text. Next, you'll learn how to build HTML and CSS with descendent/sibling functions and the fuzzy searching feature. Finally, you'll learn how to write custom snippets, which will allow you to write definitions for HTML or CSS elements that aren't included in the default Emmet definitions. By the end of this course, you will have a foundational knowledge of Emmet that will help you to write out HTML and CSS faster and better than ever.

About the author

Kristian Freeman is a software developer living in Washington state. His focus is on web applications, using Ruby on Rails, Ember.js, and React. He also spends time cultivating skill in a variety of programming tools, and converting that knowledge into effective teaching tools for other developers. Kristian is interested in the art of learning - identifying processes and systems to enable rapid knowledge acquisition in both the technical, and non-technical worlds. In his spare time, he enjoys pr... more

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