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Enhanced IK Animal Rigging in Maya

by Farley Chery

This Maya tutorial will teach the viewer how to rig a mountain lion harnessing the power of Enhanced IK in Maya. Software required: Maya 2012.

What you'll learn

This Maya tutorial will teach the viewer how to rig a mountain lion harnessing the power of Enhanced IK in Maya. In this tutorial, Farley Chery will lead the viewer through the rigors of creating a control rig for one of the great cats using Enhanced IK in Maya 2012. While the tutorial centers on a puma/panther these techniques work on all the great cats and any quadruped with similar anatomy. New ideas on internal automation principles will be explored and old ones expanded on. The artist will create a robust rig with a more straight forward workflow then the previous course, while still providing examples of problem solving techniques that arise when creating a complex rig. The tutorial focuses on presenting new or different techniques wherever possible for comparison with more established systems. Rigging one of the great cats with enhanced IK makes for a very flexible control rig. The base system of Enhanced IK though is versatile enough to use with many other methodologies in Maya. Enhanced IK greatly improves the functionality of Inverse Kinematics in Maya. By the end of this Maya tutorial you will be armed with techniques to make efficient and robust rigs for feline and canine quadrupeds, utilizing an enhanced control rig that is ready to be modified and finalized with your preferred hierarchies and dynamic parenting setups. Software required: Maya 2012.

Table of contents

Introduction and Project Overview
Enhanced IK Animal Rigging in Maya

About the author

Farley Chery has been working or teaching in 3D for 5 years. His skills were developed by Patricia Beckmann-Welles and Digital Tutors at the start. He has spent the last four years freelancing and creating new techniques and theories to help his students through 3D’s steep learning curve. He first showcased Enhanced IK with Digital Tutors and will be describing his modeling and topological processes in the upcoming book “The Modeler’s Book of Shadows.” He is currently freelancing and writing cur... more

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