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Enterprise Cloud Strategy: Creating

by Adam Frisbee

This course is part of the enterprise cloud strategy learning path, and in it you'll learn how to build an enterprise cloud strategy that will guide your organization on its journey to the cloud.

What you'll learn

Organizations that are successful in the cloud start with a comprehensive enterprise cloud strategy that defines the overall role the cloud plays in the organization. It is a part of and enables the larger, longer-term organizational strategy. In this course, Enterprise Cloud Strategy: Creating, you'll learn how to create an enterprise cloud strategy that will inspire cultural change, build consensus among stakeholders, and answer the question, “What role does the cloud play in our organization?" First, you'll review what the purpose of an enterprise cloud strategy is and the elements that are part of it. Then you’ll learn how to assemble an enterprise cloud strategy steering committee. Next, you'll discover how to build in sub-strategies like financial, security, and governance strategies. Finally, you'll explore how to build workload profiles and map data flows that will go into the appendix of the enterprise cloud strategy. When you're finished with this course, you'll have built an enterprise cloud strategy template that you can customize to meet your organizational needs.

About the author

Adam Frisbee is an educator, researcher, and practitioner in information systems and technology, specializing in cloud and devops. He is part of the information systems faculty at a major university where he researched, developed the curriculum for, and teaches the graduate level Cloud Computing course (among others). Adam is an experienced professional, having led technology strategy initiatives and technology teams in such diverse domains as convention and tourism, healthcare, manufacturing, h... more

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