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Enterprise Data Modeling: Getting Started

by Joseph Cline

To model data is to know data. In this course, you will learn how to create a relational data model, incorporate entities from a decomposed JSON document, create a dimensional model, and build a database from a script generated from your data model.

What you'll learn

How can you get value from your data if you don’t know your data? How many data projects have you started only to go through the same process of hunting down someone who knows something about the data you need to work with? Do they still work with the company? This is why we model data. In this introductory course, Enterprise Data Modeling: Getting Started, you will learn about the relational data model and normalization techniques. First, you will explore the NoSQL data stores and the JSON data format. Next, you will learn about OLAP and the dimensional model. Finally, you will take what you have learned and put into practice with a few demonstrations including creating a physical data model from a logical model to generate a script to build a database. By the end of the course, you will have a firm understanding of what a data model is, different types of data models, how to apply normalization, the JSON data format, and how to create both a relational and dimensional data model.

About the author

Joe is a senior data engineer and has worked as a data management professional in various capacities and titles for the last nineteen years. In his current role, Joe is working to build a competency around big data, predictive analytics, and BI development. In the years prior, Joe's experience has been in data modeling, database administration and developing relational database management systems. Four of those years were in a management capacity. When not working, he enjoys backpacking, hiking... more

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