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Entity Framework 6 Database Performance Anti-patterns

by Russ Thomas

Coding practices to avoid or replace that can and will have an immediate impact on performance in your Entity Framework applications.

What you'll learn

Entity framework is one of the most popular ORMs in software development, but it does not yet have a great reputation among SQL Server database professionals, especially those responsible for server performance. This collection of modules will identify some of the most common "real world" code smells and anti-patterns that keep EF-based applications from reaching optimal performance from the perspective of the SQL Server database. Many of these concepts could also apply to other relational data sources that Entity Framework is compatible with.

About the author

Currently an IT leader in Denver Colorado's financial sector Russ has focused on database engineering, modelling, administration, and BI since 1997 across the Microsoft stack. Russ is a passionate trainer and SQL community volunteer presenting regularly at PASS SQL Saturday events and local user groups around the US. In 2019 much of Russ' focus turned to cloud based data lakes specifically on Google BigQuery.

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