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Jul 20, 2017
1h 10m

When you think you're up-to-date with your ES6/ES2015 knowledge, you're wrong. In this course, Getting Started with ES2017/ES8, you'll upgrade your knowledge to ES2017, unofficially known as ES8 and, in the process, take a look at the small ES2016/ES7 release as well. This course will teach you the new async functions and the Shared ArrayBuffer together with atomics. You'll also learn new functions on the Object type that let you do reflection on types in a better way. You'll learn how working with strings has become slightly easier. The next versions of ES2016 and ES2017 are supported by browsers and by Node right now, so there's no need to wait! And in case you are confused by all these releases, in the first module the ECMAScript release process called TC39 is explained as well as the javascript-ECMAScript relationship. After watching this course, you'll be up and running with all the features of ES2017.

About the author
About the author

Roland is a Microsoft MVP enjoying a constant curiosity around new techniques in software development. His focus is on all things .Net and browser technologies.

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