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Using ES6 with TypeScript

by Steve Ognibene

This course teaches how to use the new syntax features of ES6 today, with TypeScript as a transpiler.

What you'll learn

This course is for JavaScript developers who want to learn the new syntax features of ES6 - officially, ECMAScript 2015. Using only free and cross-platform tools, Steve Ognibene shows the ES6 features that can be transpiled to work in production today. This course focuses on general-purpose language features, so the information is relevant to users of any client or server-side JavaScript framework or platform. This course uses TypeScript as the ES6 to ES5 transpiler. No previous TypeScript knowledge is required, and the vast majority of the course content is applicable to future native-ES6 environments or other transpilers.

About the author

Steve Ognibene is an application developer in New York City specializing in SQL Server, C#, VB.NET and TypeScript. Steve started as a system admin in 1998 working with Windows NT 4.0, and got involved with scripting and Windows automation in the SMS 2.0 days. He first did professional web development in 2000 on IIS 4 and classic ASP, pushing the limits of JavaScript on IE 5.5. Steve worked as a traveling consultant from 2004 to 2008 with disciplines and technologies across the Microsoft platfor... more

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