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Ethical Hacking: Penetration Testing

by Dale Meredith

Pluralsight is not an official partner or accredited training center of EC-Council. In this course, you will learn the ins and outs of planning and executing a penetration test against your own or your clients network.

What you'll learn

What's penetration testing?
Well it's simple, as security professionals our job is to make it extremely difficult to get inside our systems.
Remember, you can't stop attackers, your job is to slow them down.
Let's start by doing exactly what the attacker will do.

Penetration testing (pen testing) is the practice of attacking your own network or that of a client's, using the same tools, techniques, and steps that an attacker would.

The purpose of pen testing is to expose gaps, weaknesses, and possible entry points without doing any real damage.

In this course, you will learn how to prepare, execute a pen test, and how you should report your results in a way that will add value to your time and efforts.

Table of contents

Pen Testing: Reconning and/or Footprinting the Target

About the author

Dale Meredith has been a Certified Ethical Hacker/Instructor EC-Council for the past 15 years, and Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 20 years. Dale also has an additional 7 years of senior IT management experience and worked as a CTO for a popular ISP provider. Dale's expertise is in explaining difficult concepts and ensuring his students have an actionable knowledge of the course material. Straddling the line of fun and function, Dale's instruction is memorable and entertaining. Dale's knowl... more

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