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Oct 2, 2018
3h 15m

Pluralsight is not an official partner or accredited training center of EC-Council. Great! You have just finished setting up your wireless network. You did everything you were suppose to, like giving your SSID a unique name and securing your network with a strong password, so that someone can't piggyback off your network. Now that you are "safe and secure," you don't have to worry about hackers right? SLOW DOWN there skippy. While you have taken the "basic" steps required, you still need to be aware of some hacking methods that can be used to gain access to your network, despite your precautions. You also need to be very wary whenever you are accessing the network that is not your own, and let's not forget about other wireless technology; Bluetooth. This course is part of the Ethical Hacking Series.

About the author
About the author

Dale Meredith received his Certified Ethical Hacker and Certified EC-Counsel Instructor certifications back in 2006, as well as being a Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1998 (yes we had computers back then). Dale takes great pride in helping students comprehend and simplify complex IT concepts.

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