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Excel 2016 for Windows and Mac: Essentials

by Bob Flisser

If you're new to Excel or need a refresher, this course will get you up to speed so you can be proficient quickly.

What you'll learn

Learn the fundamentals of using and creating Excel spreadsheets, including entering and editing data, managing lists, writing formulas and using functions, formatting sheets, and printing your work.

About the author

Bob Flisser has been a trainer and technical writer since the 1980s. He currently has over a dozen video courses released by several commercial publishers, and is the co-author of a series of books of tips and shortcuts for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows. He has also written magazine articles and training manuals, and created and run training centers for companies large and small. Since 1995, Bob has been the Vice President and the Web and multimedia developer at Software School,... more

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