Exception Handling in Java (Java SE 11 Developer Certification 1Z0-819)

by Andrejs Doronins

This course will teach you the tips, tricks, and pitfalls of exception handling in Java to help you prepare for the certification exam.

What you'll learn

Developers want to write software and build programs that do awesome things. But things rarely go smoothly. Unexpected errors and issues occur all the time, and so making our software resilient is indispensable. Exception handling is a fundamental mechanism to achieve this. In this course, Exception Handling in Java (Java SE 11 Developer Certification 1Z0-819), you will earn the tips, tricks, and pitfalls of exception handling in Java. First, you will revise the basic syntax of try/catch/finally blocks, including chaining catch blocks as well as multi-catch blocks. Then, you will learn and practice the ins and outs of try-with-resources mechanism, introduced in Java 7. Then, you will revise the exception class hierarchy, as well as the most frequent checked and unchecked exceptions that you are likely to encounter on the exam, as well as their relationships. Finally, you will see that throwing exceptions has certain rules that must be satisfied for the application to work. When you're finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of exception handling to nail any exam question related to the topic.

About the author

Andrejs is a Quality Assurance professional with over 6 years of experience. He specializes in Test Automation but does not neglect the importance of getting involved in the Software Development Life Cycle early - finding issues during requirements analysis is as important as doing manual and exploratory testing. He is experienced in writing unit, integration and acceptance tests for a wide number of technologies and contexts - from browser automation to the Web API layer and all the way to test... more

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