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Executing Complex Queries with Elasticsearch

by Thomas Henson

Elasticsearch is a leader in enterprise search which is the heart of most application in the digital world. This course will teach you how to build complex queries in Elasticsearch.

What you'll learn

There are times when a basic query will not quite work with document orientated databases. In this course, Executing Complex Queries with Elasticsearch, you’ll learn to build complex queries for Elasticsearch. First, you’ll explore the basics of scoring search results. Next, you’ll discover what it takes to build join queries in Elasticsearch. Finally, you’ll learn how to develop compound queries while scoring search results. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of building complex queries in Elasticsearch needed to skyrocket your skills with Elasticsearch.

About the author

Thomas is a Senior Software Engineer and Certified ScrumMaster. During his career he has been involved in many projects from building web applications to setting up Hadoop clusters. Thomas's specialization is with Hortonworks Data Platform and Agile Software Development. Thomas is a proud alumnus of the University of North Alabama where he received his BBA - Computer Information System and his MBA - Information Systems. He currently resides in north Alabama with his wife and daughter, where ... more

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