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Executing Full Text Queries with Elasticsearch

by Niraj Joshi

This course will familiarize you with different modes of text based search capabilities of Elasticsearch, as well as teach you the full text analytics with the help of Database Elasticsearch.

What you'll learn

Elasticsearch is the distributed, search, and analytics engine built on top of Apache Lucene. In this course, Executing Full Text Queries with Elasticsearch, you’ll learn to do text based analytics on the semi-structured/structured data using Elasticsearch querying capabilities. First, you’ll explore intervals query and match query. Next, you’ll discover match phrase query. Finally, you’ll learn how to perform query string analysis. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of leveraging full text based analytics for your in house ecommerce backend API’s and do complex text analysis using full text based search capabilities.

About the author

Niraj is a AWS/Azure DevSecOps Cloud Specialist with over a decade of work experience into Data Modeling with Databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, SparkSQL, ElasticSearch and SQL Server. He has over 7 years of work ex into Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Machine Learning and Big Data Stack, he has been a consultant to companies like CISCO, ERICSSON, Dynamic Elements and JP Morgan He has excellent data visualization/ analytics skills and quite proficient in languages like Python ,... more

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