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Exploratory Data Analysis with AWS Machine Learning

by Mohammed Osman

Understanding how to deal with data is becoming a required skill in the information age. This course will teach you how to do exploratory data analysis and leverage relevant AWS services.

What you'll learn

Understanding underlying trends and outliers in data is a necessary step to do proper data preparation and feature engineering for subsequent machine learning tasks.

In this course, Exploratory Data Analysis with AWS Machine Learning, you’ll learn how to analyze, visualize, preprocess and feature engineer datasets to make them ready for subsequent machine learning steps.

What you will learn in this beginner level AWS machine learning tutorial:

  • First, you’ll explore how to understand data trends and distribution using basic statistics.
  • Next, you’ll discover how to visualize your dataset to understand the overall patterns.
  • Finally, you’ll learn how to prepare your data for the machine learning pipeline by doing preprocessing and feature engineering.

When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of exploratory data analysis needed to achieve AWS Machine Learning specialty certification.

About the author

Mohammed Osman is a senior software engineer who started coding at the age of 13. Mohammed worked in various industries, including telecommunication, accounting, banking, health, and assurance. Mohammed's core skillset is a .NET ecosystem with a strong focus on C#, Azure, and Data Science. Mohammed also enjoys the soft-side of software engineering and leads scrum teams. Mohammed runs a blog with the message "Making your code smart and your career smarter." He shares tips and techniques to improv... more

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