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Exploring Android Studio

by Larry Schiefer

This course provides a detailed look into using Android Studio to develop Android applications.

What you'll learn

Android Studio is the new Android application development IDE powered by the IntelliJ IDEA platform. The course will take you through downloading and setting up Android Studio on Windows, migrating to Android Studio from Eclipse, and developing Android applications and libraries. In this course, you will not only learn basic use of Android Studio, but also how to take advantage of its advanced features to provide more robust code and make you a more productive developer. Android Studio's new Gradle and Maven based build systems are covered so you know how to take advantage of the powerful build variant and dependency management they provide.

Table of contents

Building and Debugging With Android Studio

About the author

Larry Schiefer is the CTO and co-founder of HiQES, a mobile, embedded, and application development service company. Larry has over 16 years of experience leading teams, and designing and developing high performance and robust software for embedded systems, mobile devices, servers, and desktops. Google as recognized Larry as a Google Developer Expert for Android. He has successfully lead teams with the development of several new mobile and embedded devices, from bootloader up through customized a... more

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