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Exploring Assessing Evidence-based Opportunities

by Sarper Horata

This course will teach you​ to explore opportunities in the market instead of ideas and applying them via design and lean thinking practices.

What you'll learn

Understand how to assess product opportunities using lean and Agile practices. In this course, Exploring Assessing Evidence-based Opportunities, you’ll learn to explore opportunities in the market instead of ideas and applying them via design and lean thinking practices, as well as keeping stakeholders satisfied by validating their ideas.

First, you’ll explore​ how to generate solution ideas, which techniques can be used to generate them, how to evaluate them, how to prioritize them; as well as discussing prioritization of ideas versus opportunities.

Next, you’ll discover​ how to create prototypes on different levels, prototyping benefits, exploring ideas with prototyping; and tips and benefits about working together with product designers and how to manage the co-designing process.

Finally, you’ll learn how to​ create a stakeholder validation plan, its preparation steps, usage of prototypes in the plan, including data collection as evidence, and applying design thinking practices to iteratively improve the plan.

When you are finished with the course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of​ exploring the delivery and evolution of the products with opportunities discovered and executed, ​needed to​ compete with the products in the market.

About the author

Sarper is a computer scientist, an ex software developer, and an experienced product manager on different products on different platforms including Web, Android, IOS, and some of the Blockchains; who worked at corporations and startups over a decade, where his products reached to thousands of people with annual sales of 8 figure digits. He is a creative person in finding practical & advanced solutions with delivering a great user experience by acting as a strong communicator between technical &... more

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