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Exploring Innovating Product Experiences

by Cécilia Lejeune

Successful product innovation enables your business to grow by differentiating from the competition while meeting the needs of your customers. This course will teach you how to plan, conduct and sustain product innovation in your company.

What you'll learn

Have you ever wondered how companies manage to find innovative ideas and turn them into profitable opportunities? In this course, Exploring Innovating Product Experiences, you’ll learn to generate innovative ideas based on an existing product and to rapidly identify promising solutions. First, you’ll explore your organization’s propensity for innovation and what type of innovation you can deliver. Next, you’ll discover how to plan innovation research and turn your findings into innovative ideas. Finally, you’ll learn how to quickly prototype and validate your innovative solutions. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of product management needed to plan, conduct, and sustain product innovation in your company.

About the author

Cecilia is a Design Strategist with a tech background, passionate about innovation and positive impact. She hold a Master in Digital Project Management from Les Gobelins school in France. In addition to her background in engineering and innovation, she is a certified Design Sprint Facilitator and an IDEO certified Design Thinking professional. After 8 years working for international companies like Rakuten and AXA, she found a new purpose by combining her knowledge of digital innovation and her ... more

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