Exploring Partnering with Tech Leads

by Oghenevovwero Enyoyi

Bringing your product to life needs the synergy between the Product Manager and Technical lead. This course will teach you how to best support/partner with your technical lead to get best out of your engineering team and build the right product.

What you'll learn

Understanding how to partner and work with your technical lead and ultimately your engineering team is key in product management. In this course, Exploring Partnering with Technical Leads, you’ll learn how to communicate and get the best out of your technical lead. First, you’ll understand the need to align your technical lead with the fundamental problem that needs to be solved. Next, you'll learn how to align your technical lead with the vision and direction of the product. Finally, you’ll cover some of the needs of the technical lead and how to help achieve them. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the knowledge needed to partner with technical leads and create a product that is solving the right problems.

About the author

Vovwe Enyoyi is currently the Lead Product Manager at Credo, Africa's first social payment platform and also a Founding Mentor at ProductDojo, a product, and business development venture that advocates true-to-form practice of innovation and product management. He believes strongly in agile principles and the role they play in building great products. Leadership, teamwork, communication, stakeholder management, fast paced learning, and execution are the skills rank high for him. He is committed ... more

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