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Exploring Product Management Philosophies and Frameworks

by Dave Masom

Product Management is a craft whose concepts can seem simple, but take deep understanding and practice to master. This course will teach you how to think clearly about your product, with practical frameworks to maximize the impact you’ll have.

What you'll learn

As a Product Manager, your team relies on you to guide them through myriad decisions and challenges. In this course, Exploring Product Management Philosophies and Frameworks, you’ll learn to develop your philosophy of product management to build great products.. First, you’ll explore what separates good product managers from the bad. Next, you’ll discover how the best companies create hugely successful products through empowered, cross-functional teams. Finally, you’ll learn how to prioritize and deliver new products and features more effectively. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of the product management frameworks needed to build exceptional products.

About the author

Dave is currently the Chief Product Officer of Conserv, an IoT and analytics company serving the conservation industry (galleries, museums, archives, and libraries). Prior to joining Conserv, he was VP of Product for Pack Health, a digital health coaching company, where he oversaw the company's transition from an early-stage services business to a technology-enabled product company. He started his career at Deloitte, and subsequently spent five years in management consultancy, primarily helping ... more

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