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Exploring Targeting Stakeholders

by Jonathan Lovatt-Young

Creating roadmap alignment can be challenging. Designing for goals and using the appropriate insight methods can enable you to create a measurable difference. This course shows how to put the customer at the heart of planning and development.

What you'll learn

Every organization has deeply held beliefs about "how things are done around here". Creating roadmap alignment can be challenging with these ingrained orthodoxies.

In this course, Exploring Targeting Stakeholders, you’ll learn to use insights to galvanize opposing views in the organization, making a measurable difference.

  • First, you’ll explore how to use primary research-created personas throughout a project lifecycle.
  • Next, you’ll discover how to define and manage stakeholders, guiding them through prioritizing requirements.
  • Finally, you’ll learn how to use Action Research to measure and improve your product.
When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of strategic product management needed to align stakeholders to your vision.

Course FAQ

What is the difference between user personas and segmentation?

User personas are sets of characters based on real world observation, including tasks, skills, mental models and goals.

Segmentation presumes there is a relationship between various demographics and their purchasing behaviors, analyzying, customers, activities, interests and opinions.

Personas are used for features and requirements, functionality, prioritization and guiding user research. Where a segments are used for product development, media, and communication strategies.

Who is this course for?

This course is great for new project managers or those who need to break down ingrained orthodoxies in their organization.

What will I learn in this course?

Some of the major topics that will cover will include understanding the difference between segments and personas and how to use them, and how to manage your stakeholders by creating a RACI capturing and organizing requirements with a prioritization methodology.

What prerequisites do I need?

Before beginning the course, you should be familiar with managing requirements and how they're used in the design and development process.

About the author

Jonathan combines over 25 years experience of digital design, brand strategy with user experience. He has been lead within a number of high profile agencies and consultancies including Tribal DDB, Accenture Digital, LBI and Fortune Cookie for a range of high profile clients many of which have been on their own digital transformation journey. He is analytical, strategic and creative with a full understanding of the user-centred design process for digital transformation projects. Jonathan holds a ... more

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