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Exploring Web Scraping with Python

by Clarke Bishop

The course introduces data professionals and Python developers to Web Scraping with Python. Much data is “trapped” in web pages and this course starts you down the path on how to liberate the data for your data science projects.

What you'll learn

The web is a giant database and when there’s no API, you can still retrieve the data through web scraping. In this course, Exploring Web Scraping with Python, you will learn foundational knowledge of web scraping and how to use Python’s rich set of scraping capabilities. First, you will learn how to download and extract data with Requests and Beautiful Soup. Next, you will discover how to build a spider in about 20 lines of code with Scrapy. Finally, you will explore how to use a robotic browser to solve advanced web scraping challenges. When you are finished with this course, you will know “SQL for web scraping,” and have the skills and knowledge of content selectors and Python needed to start your own website scraping projects.

About the author

Clarke Bishop is a Cloud Architect and Data Engineer who loves solving tough problems. He's worked in Manufacturing, Agriculture, Telecommunications, Construction, Insurance, Financial Services, Human Resources, Marketing, and Media. Skills include Big Data with Spark and Python, Cloud Architecture and Full Stack Web Application Development with JavaScript frameworks and HTML. Clarke has an MBA with a concentration in Finance, a Masters in Electrical Engineering, and a Bachelors in Electrical En... more

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