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Extending and Automating the Heroku Platform

by Hongtao Xiao

This course will teach you how to implement extensions and automations on the Heroku platform, including using CLI plugins and Heroku platform APIs, using build packs and webhook notifications, as well as building add-ons for new services on Heroku.

What you'll learn

Extending and automating on the Heroku Platform can be done, but how? In this course, Extending and Automating the Heroku Platform, you’ll learn the technical skills of extending what Heroku provides as a platform, and how to automate common tasks on Heroku. First, you’ll explore the Heroku CLI plugins and Heroku platform API. Next, you’ll discover buildpacks for building process customization on Heroku. You'll also have a look at notifications of app events using app webhooks. Finally, you’ll learn how to understand Heroku add-ons, integration and APIs, and how to build add-ons for new services on Heroku. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to automate and extend on the Heroku platform.

About the author

Hongtao Xiao is a professional software developer since 2012. During the years, he is involved in different phases including designing, implementing, testing, and debugging of several successful software projects. He is a professional developer of programming languages including Java, .Net, Python and ECMAScript/Javascript, and he is an everyday user of scripting languages including Shell/Bash and PowerShell.

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