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Extending Powershell

by Jimmy Skowronski

Learn how to extend PowerShell by creating your own Cmdlets.

What you'll learn

PowerShell is a powerful and flexible platform that opens a lot of possibilities. This course starts with an overview of Cmdlets development, and explains in depth processing input and output, finally it progress to more advanced concepts. The course covers topics such as environment automation, deployment or help files. After this course you will be able to benefit from PowerShell and create your own Cmdlets.

About the author

Jimmy started his computing adventure long time ago with Atari which, contrary to the popular and incorrect opinion, was far better than Commodore and Spectrum altogether. Fast forward... When the first .NET version was released he jumped on it as an excuse to stop writing code in classic ASP and Delphi. Jimmy is living in London where he is a Senior Developer in McKinsey Solutions. He works on everything that is cool and interesting, and occasionally on those less cool things as well. He is... more

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