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Extending Xamarin.Forms

by Jared Rhodes

Exposing platform-specific user interface functionality is key to having shared native functionality. This course will teach you to extend Xamarin.Forms to expose that native functionality.

What you'll learn

Xamarin.Forms promises the ability to maximize code sharing while maintaining access to the native platforms. In this course, Extending Xamarin.Forms, you’ll learn to expose native platform functionality to Xamarin.Forms. First, you’ll explore extending control functionality by creating custom Renderers. Next, you’ll discover how to use Effects to expose functionality without as much ceremony as Renderers. Finally, you’ll learn how to utilize native views to expose functionality to Xamarin.Forms with even less ceremony by embedding them directly in a control. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Effects, Renderers, and Native Views needed to extend Xamarin.Forms.

About the author

Jared Rhodes has been working in technology for about 10 years. When he started his education, he didn't consider any of the aspects of software development. For his major, he studied physics. Once he graduated, the job market thought his skills were geared towards software development more than physics. His career started at a solar power installer. It was the same as most careers, fixing web pages and batch jobs. After that, he moved into insurance for a year writing a rating engine to give ra... more

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