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Extracting Data from HTML with BeautifulSoup

by Janani Ravi

This course covers the important aspects of scraping websites using Beautiful Soup. You will learn to build, manipulate and traverse the parse tree, as well as to leverage advanced features such as working with filters, CSS and XPath.

What you'll learn

Web scraping is an important technique that is widely used as the first step in many workflows in data mining, information retrieval, and text-based machine learning.

In this course, Extracting Data from HTML with BeautifulSoup* you will gain the ability to build robust, maintainable web scraping solutions using the Beautiful Soup library in Python.

First, you will learn how regular expressions can be used to scrape web content, and how Beautiful Soup does better in important ways. Next, you will discover how Beautiful Soup parses HTML from web content, fixes up badly-formed tags, and builds a clean, easily traversable parse tree. You will then see how that parse tree can be used in order to find and retrieve specific patterns.

Finally, you will round out your knowledge by leveraging advanced features of beautiful soup such as working with CSS and XPath. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to implement robust web scraping using Beautiful Soup.

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Course Overview

About the author

Janani has a Masters degree from Stanford and worked for 7+ years at Google. She was one of the original engineers on Google Docs and holds 4 patents for its real-time collaborative editing framework. After spending years working in tech in the Bay Area, New York, and Singapore at companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Flipkart, Janani finally decided to combine her love for technology with her passion for teaching. She is now the co-founder of Loonycorn, a content studio focused on providing ... more

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