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Extracting Text and Data with Amazon Textract

by Ed Freitas

This course will teach you how to use and work with Amazon Textract, which extracts text and data from scanned documents, going beyond traditional OCR.

What you'll learn

Businesses are moving to an instantaneous and digital world, but we will still need physical documents for quite some time. In this course, Extracting Text and Data with Amazon Textract, you will learn to use OCR technology to extract text, and key-value pairs of data from scanned documents. First, you will explore how to detect printed text and numbers in a scan or rendering of a document. Next, you will discover how to detect key-value pairs in document images automatically so that they can retain the inherent context of the document without any manual intervention. Finally, you will learn how to preserve the composition of data stored in tables during extraction. When finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of how to use Amazon Textract to create smart search indexes, build automated approval workflows, and better maintain compliance with document archival rules by flagging data that may require manual input, as well as being able to export data contained within those documents to other systems.

About the author

Eduardo is a technology enthusiast, software architect and customer success advocate. He's designed enterprise .NET solutions that extract, validate and automate critical business processes such as Accounts Payable and Mailroom solutions for all types of organizations. He's designed and supported production systems for global names such as Coca Cola, Enel, Pirelli, Fiat-Chrysler, Xerox and many others. He's a well-known specialist in the Enterprise Content Management market segment, specifically... more

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