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The Power of Feedback in Your Daily Work

by Aleksandra Majkic

This course teaches you the importance of setting up a feedback-nurturing environment and how it helps employees grow and increase overall productivity. You'll learn the concepts and benefits for facilitating such an environment.

What you'll learn

Some organizations may struggle with lack of sharing feedback with teammates, but there are ways it can be resolved and addressed timely, so issues can be prevented and communication can be strengthened. In this course, The Power of Feedback in Your Daily Work, you’ll learn why it’s crucial to give and receive feedback, both positive and negative, and how it benefits the team and organization. First, you’ll explore the role of feedback among people. Next, you’ll discover which types of feedback there are and the best ways to share them. Finally, you’ll learn how to behave in feedback sharing sessions and how to best use the information gathered. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of fostering feedback in your daily work needed to prevent issues caused by lack of feedback and improve your team’s and organizations productivity.

About the author

Aleksandra grew up in high-tech by bridging the gap between development teams, markets, customers, and decision-makers. She has comprehensive know-how of team leadership, working with top management and industry-leading international clients. She’s passionate about female leadership, effective communications and personal profiling. Aleksandra holds a TA 101 Certified Professional, a certificate for understanding human behavior, communication, and relationships. She is also an IBM Enterprise De... more

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